Our consulting services in Governance and Board Management contribute to enhancing the performance of entities, promoting transparency, guiding strategic decisions, and ensuring compliance with standards. They also assist in developing the capabilities of board members and reducing risks, thereby fostering the success and sustainability of the organization.

Our consulting services in Governance and Board Management extend to all entities across business sectors. They encompass the establishment of board management, organizing affairs between the board and general assemblies, as well as other relevant entities. This includes nominating and selecting board members, forming affiliated committees, developing policies and procedures, constructing strategic plans, risk assessment, evaluating company assets, and setting forth best practices for companies to implement. All of these efforts are aimed at achieving optimal results for investors and the board of directors, in alignment with both local and international laws and regulations.

At MOR, our goal is to enhance the performance of entities through:

  • Governance.
  • Developing the board and entity's strategy.
  • Selecting and nominating board members and committees.
  • Measuring risks and establishing policies and procedures for best practices.
  • Implementing the best governance standards.
  • Establishing a new entity.
  • Developing entities, formulating the strategic plan, executing it, and adapting to emergent changes.
  • Establishing clear governance standards to ensure no conflicts of interest and implementing best practices.
  • Partners consisting of men and women entrepreneurs interested in establishing new companies.
  • Companies interested in mergers or service separation.
  • Board of Directors (Chairman and Members).

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